Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Institutionalized Solar Radiation Management: Making beggars of men... for ever?

She moved slowly towards us, more than walking she floated.
A nymphet, couldn't have been more than 15 years old, escaped from one of the more beautiful sculptures that adorn the city Rome.
Or a young Monalisa by her, perhaps practiced, demure.
She locked eyes onto mine, the older man, as my son of 23; similarly struck, stood next to me.
She approached... her arm raised gently... asking for a handout.

I don't know the individual reason that brought her to that point, but as it turns out she was but one of the many less fortunate souls we encountered throughout some of the great cities of Europe. In some places chic socialites dinned al fresco mere steps away from people sleeping on cardboard boxes.

If similar scenes can be seen all over the world, like even here in Lakeland, a small but properous city; what then of those places where opportunity shortages are happening in massive scale?
Or about those places where the plight may be directly linked to water and food shortages due to climate changes rather than economic, social or health causes?

Does geoengineering climate via SRM promise to alleviate or worsen the plight of the people in the Sahel of Africa and Etiopia, [1] or any other place which may see their rainy season altered by GE?

Is the answer offered by the goengineers leading to the "normalization" of geoengineering as foreing aid? [2]

Semantics aside... is it not geoengineering already happening?


[1] Ethiopia: An Early Warning for a Famine in 2013

[2] Normalizing Geoengineering as Foreign Aid

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