Thursday, August 13, 2015

Reading the Geoengineering Tea (Party) Leaves

Judith Curry, seemingly the tea party’s foremost science mentor, says "Carly Fiorina hits the ‘sweet spot’ on climate change"
(Emphasis added)

“As a political tactic, Carly Fiorina hits the sweet spot.  She doesn’t challenge the scientific consensus, but rather focuses on the fact that if human caused climate change is real, we can’t stop it on the timescale of a few decades.  Her emphasis on innovation rather than regulation is exactly on target; wind and solar just aren’t going to cut it.
Carly Fiorina hit a ‘home run’ in the first Republican debate and is starting to rise in the polls.”

My comment OE:
This emphasis on innovation that Mrs. Fiorina is talking about and praised by Mrs. Curry, is the development of geoengineering technologies focused on “clean coal” i.e. carbon capture and sequestration.

Judith Curry’s entire post:
Carly Fiorina hits the ‘sweet spot’ on climate change

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