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Links to academic research, mainstream news and organizations (List does not equal endorsement)

By Oscar A. Escobar

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July 8, 2016

Disclosure: I have collaborated with these two organizations in a minimal way:

Forum For Climate Engineering Assessment (FCEA) (Formerly, Washington Geoengineering Consortium)

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The Oxford Geoengineering Programme

GeoLibrary (Reference)
GeoLibrary (Grey)

Acknowledgements page

Links to academic research, mainstream news and research (List does not equal endorsement)

Climate Engineering (EU) (Selected up to date news and information on the emerging climate engineering debate)

The rest of the list is more or less in alphabetical order:

American Geophysical Union

American Meteorological Society AMS

American Enterprise Institute - AEI

Australian Academy of Science

Bits of Science

The Breaktrough Institute

Brill Online Books and Journals

 Carbon Engineering CE (David Keith, Canada)

CCS News - Cambridge

The Center for Carbon Removal (CDR Mitigation)

Centre for International Governance Innovation: CIGI

The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (at ASU)

The Climate Web

Newest:  CORE: Carbon Offset Research & Education

Counsil on Foreing Relations

Convention on Biological Diversity CBD

CORDIS EU Commision

DOE Department Of Energy (CCS, biofuels, etc)

The Earth Institute - Columbia University 

Environmental Defense Fund EDF

Environmental Research Web

European Space Agency - ESA

Ethics of Geoengineering - University of Montana


University of Exeter

Geoengineering Archives - Stanford Law School

The Geoengineering Debate Website (By Paula Curvelo) (restricted access as of 2015)

Geoengineering Governance Research

Geoengineering Our Climate?

The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE)

Ice 911

IEA International Energy Agency (CCS, biofuels, etc)


Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals IAGP

Internation Biochar Initiative (Newslater)

IASS Sustainable Interactions with the Atmosphere

John J. Reilly Center - Geoegineering - University of Notre Dame


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


NOAA Central Library - Bibliography on Climate Engineering
(Publications Available in Web of Science (1988-2011)

Max Planck-Institut (English/German)

MIT Climate CoLab - "proposals for what to do about climate change".

Ocean Acidification (Formerly EPOCA)


Resources for the Future

RespondingTo Climate Change RTCC 

Royal Society of Chemistry

Teaching Climate/Energy Law & Policy
School of International Service, America University

The Keith Group (At Harvard)

The Royal Society

Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

Science Policy Research Unit - SPRU
University of Sussex

Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI)

Sustainable Bioenergy Farms and Forests

Virgin Earth Challenge

World Meteorological Organization - WMO

For Activist organizations for and against geoengineering research and/or implementation see tab: 'Public perception and activism'

Some  Magazines, Newspapers, etc. that have many studies and articles on geoengineering.

Other recommended key terms to search:
'climate engineering' 'climate intervention' 'albedo modification' 'weather modification'
'cloud seeding' 'solar radiation management' 'carbon capture' 'bioenergy' 'biofuels' 'BECCS' 'afforestation' 'olivine weatherization' 'ocean fertilization 'climate justice' 'biodiversity'
'geoethics' 'stratospheric sulfur injection' 'stratospheric particle injection' 

Searchable Academic Research outlets:

Geophysical Research Letters

 IOP Publising- Science First

Nature Climate Change

Philosophical Transactions A


The SOA/NASA Astrophysics Data System (Abstracts)

SAGE Journals 

Social Science Research Network SSRN

Springer Link

UCAR AtmosNews

Wiley Online Library

Newspaper, magazines and blogs

21st Century Challenges - 
Royal Geographical Society

Climate Central

The Conversation

The Ecologist

The Economist

The Energy Collective

Ensia Magazine

Everything and the Carbon Sink (Blog)

Foreign Affairs

The Guardian

Hardvard Gazette

The Huffingtonpost - Geoengineering


New Scientist

The New York Times

Slate Magazine

Scientific American


Think Progress

The Washington Post


Yale Climate Connections

You Tube

Oscar Escobar/ A #Geoengineering #Climate Issues - Geoingeniería


AlgaeFuel - Popular algae fuel and biofuel videos


Popular biodiversity videos

Carbon Capture and Storage

CEC14 YouTube

Climate Engineering Conference CEC14 Video Series

Energy 101 by U.S. Department of Energy

Forum on Energy and Climate Justice

IASS Potsdam YouTube

Nick Breeze

Popular Climate Justice Videos

Oxford Martin School - Geoengineering Videos

Videos from FORA TV
"about 145 results for "climate engineering + 78 Geoengineering"

Major Geoengineering Reports

The National Academy of Sciences - 10 February 2015
Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration
Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth
Climate Intervention Reports Release Briefing Webcast

CBD September 2012

 1. Revised draft study on the impacts of climate-related geo-engineering on biological diversity - CBD
2. Revised draft study on the regulatory framework of climate-related geo-engineering relevant to the Convention on Biological Diversity - CBD - 2012

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s 
Task Force On Climate Remediation Research Geoengineering: 
A national strategic plan for research on the potential effectiveness, feasibility, and consequences of climate remediation technologies - October 2011
Report PDF:

BPC webpage: Task Force on Climate Remediation Research

A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts - US Government Accountabilty Office (GAO-10-93) Sep 23, 2010

Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty
The Royal Society - 1 September 2009

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