Monday, March 2, 2015

Public perception and activism

Links to public perception and activism  (List does not equal endorsement)

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Last update Nov 2, 2015



biofuelwatch (UK)

etc Group

Newest: EU Bioenergy

Friends Of the Earth

Geoengineering Monitor

GreenPeace (USA)

Pro geoengineering implementation:

Geoengineering Google Group!forum/geoengineering

Solar Radiation Management - Albedo Modification:

Arctic Methane Emergency Group

Carbon Dioxide Removal 

The Red Desk (Afforestation, Reforestation)

International Biochar Initiative 

Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation (Ocean Fertilization)

Carbon Capture and Secuestration (CCS) 
Note: The National Academy of Sciences on their Feb. 2015 report titled 'Climate Intervention' calls for CCS technologies to be re-classified as 'mitigation'.

Global CCS Institute (CCS - CCU)

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CCS - CCU)

Some alternative (not mainstream) views and activism

Agriculture Defense Coalition

Climate Viewer

GeoEngineering Watch

*Newest* Transition Studies - Exploring the Transition to a Sustainable Future on a Finite Planet
"The Transition Studies weblog was initially developed by faculty and teaching fellows in Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education"
Some news and commentary magazines that have many articles on geoengineering. 
Other recommended key terms to search:
'climate engineering' 'climate intervention' 'albedo modification' 'weather modification'
'cloud seeding'

Common Dreams (News and views from the progressive community - activism)

truthout (Independent news and commentary - activism)

You Tube

Forum on Energy and Climate Justice

Popular biodiversity videos

Popular Climate Justice Videos

For more information see tab: 
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