Friday, July 17, 2015

Segment from PBS NewsHour on a carbon tax and Solar Radiation Mngmt. Climate Geoengineering

This segment was aired by PBS on July 16, 2015 and the full original NewsHour episode can be found in YouTube at:

PBS NewsHour full episode July 16, 2015
By PBS NewsHour

Paul Solman interviews Climate Shock authors Martin L. Weitzman and Gernot Wagner on what it’s described as "economic tactics to hedge against the risks of climate change". Mainly through a price on carbon via a 'carbon tax'.

The segment then moves to Solar Radiation Management with an interview of physicist and entrepreneur David Keith.
There is also a short blurb and an extended interview at the PBS NewsHour blog:

A cheap but dangerous global warming fix
By David Keith - July 16, 2015

My take:
Highly interesting.Unfortunately even though Keith raises some of the concerns surrounding the issue of GeoE, there is no real counterpoint to this segment. I would have loved to hear the points of view from some of (who I think are) the strongest geoengineering critics like Naomi Klein, and other interesting takes perhaps like Braden R. Allenby and others with more impartial views on the subject.(O.E)

Video segment with  transcript at:

The economic options for combatting climate change 
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