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To the detriment of geoengineering studies: Apocalypticism vs. palliative-ism

By Oscar A. Escobar

 Is that all there is left?

 In other words: geoengineering or geoengineering?

"The alternative (to geoengineering) is the acceptance of a massive natural cull of humanity and a return to an Earth that freely regulates itself but in the hot state.”—Dr James Lovelock, August 2008

I have seen this quote in some responses to geoengineering  articles, [1][2] but I don’t know if it was actually said by him.

The thought is nevertheless terrifying, reason why apocalyptic rhetoric is used to argue for an immediate implementation of geoengineering technologies. [3]

The truth is, this could also be possible as a consequence of some of the more extreme geoengineering technologies, be it by catastrophic technological failure [4], shoddy or incompetent practices [5] and last but not least… purposely… i.e. sabotage, eco-terrorism or other bad intentions. [6]

The idea of geoengineering as “palliative” [7] is another form of rhetorical argument for geoengineering.

Here the palliative is chosen INSTEAD of the actual cure or meaningful action.

Palliative-ism is belied by the continued subsidies to our “global fossil fuel addiction” [8][9][9a*] over, let say, (at least) an equal level of commitment to the development of alternative and renewable  sources of energy [10] and  climate change mitigation strategies. [11]  

Moreover, the continuous efforts put forth by the fossil fuel industry and political allies to deny the effects of fossil fuel emissions [12] and their readiness to jump into the geonegineering bandwagon [13] are also indications that these technologies are not really seen as short term and temporary.

But no, that is not all that it's left, there are other options!

There are many climate change mitigation strategies which if infused with the necessary support for their development, diffusion and implementation would take us away from that most feared apocalypticism vs. palliative-ism duality.

Think of:

Efficiency in food production and distribution. (We currently waste about ½ of all the food produced in the US [14] and Globally. [15]) 

Wouldn't be more logical, safer and productive to invest some of the $1.9 trillion currently subsidizing fossil fuels [16] on tackling this problem instead?

What about putting some of that $1.9 trillion into alternative and renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, ocean thermal and tidal energy instead of making it difficult? [17] [18]

Yes, there are alternatives to geonengineering. 

But if there is a role to be played by geoengineering, I think that in general, the credibility of important geoengineering studies suffer by the 'emergency framing' and the assertion that GE by SRM would be a transitory and temporary process, while subsidies remain in place for the industry who, trough its emissions and actions, is one of the principal causes of anthropogenic climate change; an industry that in its totality is basking in record profits. [19][20]

Last Update:

 August 29, 2014
Un-burnable oil: An examination of oil resource utilisation in a decarbonised energy system

January 23, 2014


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