Sunday, September 1, 2013

Should the debate on geoengineering take place in the public domain risking its "normalization"?

I think the answer may be, (as usually is): It depends...

It depends on whether we still live in a democratic society.
It also depends on whether we regard openness as a weakness or the strength of a democratic society.
Then... if we indeed still live in a democratic society we should by all means discuss geoengineering openly, trusting the democratic process.
If on the contrary we believe we are no longer living in a democratic society or we don't believe in openness... then... the answer is of course… still… yes, regardless.
We should have an open public debate, because an informed public is best. It is just that in a non-democratic society we may not have the chance to have such debate.
When geoengineering "goes to ground", seems to me... that this is when we are more at risk of leaving behind democracy, unawares. Meanwhile geoengineering continues in the dark, unabated.

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