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Hegelian nightmares: Sweat or Tremble

Hegelian nightmares: Sweat or Tremble

There is no doubt; many new technologies elicit (some founded, some not) great fears… geoengineering perhaps more than most.
We are already geoengineering the planet, the only thing worse than it would be to ignore the topic of geoengineering, leaving it to be developed further out of sight.
I think that is precisely the reason why its technics should be studied, discussed, challenged, debated…
OE (Aug. 9, 2014)

By Oscar Escobar

September 13, 2012

Loose translation of original thought “Pesadillas Hegelianas: Sudar o Temblar” (2/22/2011)

Woke up scared, again the recurring nightmare…

I saw in my dream two terrible monsters, gigantic, powerful and violent, but above all… cruel.

The fight was to find out once and for all who would rule the earth for the next century or millennium even.

The great battle was taking place in front of the whole world, yet strangely the inhabitants seemed not to notice, neither the fight nor the great havoc inflicted on earth with the exotic weapons of the two enormous beasts; and even more strangely, when some people would notice what was going on… the majority reacted in the same manner… with a quick shrugging of the shoulders! Like that childish expression that means: I don’t understand or is it… I don’t care…?

But not all were so clueless! Some are beginning to realize…I am delighted for a short moment and then fall in despair, because these are immediately approached by a group of people that takes them away to one faction or another…yes… there are two factions cheering for the monsters! I see them on each side of the distracted laboring crowd. The same scene plays out on each side: men and women climb onto a box to exult the benefits of their monster trying to convince or to distract the newcomers.

The horror! Then I notice… a third monster, much, much larger than the others… ephemerous, transparent, almost invisible except for the badges on his arms and chest; a smile creeps up on me because it reminds me of an athlete’s uniform full of advertisements, but in reality there is nothing funny about it. This enormous beast manipulates everything! The fight and the parties.

In between short pauses in the fight it gives tectonic weapons to one and atmosphere poisoning chemicals to the other one, while healing them both, with an evil grin the great giant takes delight on the adoring looks his favorites receive from their cheerleaders and the ones he himself receives from his cherished pets.

He sees the great destruction but does not care; it actually pleases him, because whatever the outcome… at the end everyone will come to Him, pleading for his help! And like a great benefactor, of course, he will not deny them the genetically modified seeds, and neither the petroleum based fertilizers nor the chemicals they think necessary to cool the planet…

His great laugh reverberates like thunder; no one realizes that it is him that denied for over 50 years that his activities destroyed the planet, to whom they will come begging for its “salvation”, haha… for a price…the ultimate price.

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